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Cleaver Blade (cutting wheel) for optical fiber

Cleaver Blade (cutting wheel) for optical fiber
Model: SCT-21b
Brand Name: Supower
Function: Cutting for silica fiber
Materials: Tungsten Carbide
Type: Round-Type
Speciton: OD20.0*ID4.0*3.0*60
Service life: 36000-40000 fibers
Cleaving angle: 1000 fibers X 3 height X12/16
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
Product Details
1. for cutting silica optical fiber
2. high precision of cutting
3. great quality tungsten alloy material
4. long service life

World have adopt its own unique process and technology of production diamond scribing wheels to manufacture this cleaver blade. The tungsten alloy of World’s cleaver blades are selected form well-known international manufacturers, which characterizes a high precision of cutting, smooth cutting face, cutting angle precise and long service life. Whether quality or service life it can be comparable to similar products produced in Japan. It is the ideal tool for cutting silica optical fiber, Single fiber and Fiber ribbon.



Blade positions:12/16

Blade life:36000—40000 fibers((1,000 fibers x 3 height x 12/16 positions)

Cleaving angle:0.5 degrees at single fiber

Optional Items:

(Sumitomo) FC-7S,FC-7MF,FC-6S,FC-6S-C,FC-6M,FC-6M-C,FCP-25,FCP-22,FCH-3,FCH-9,FCH-12, Ericsson EFC-P22;

(Furukawa) S321,S321B,S323,S323A,S323B,S324,S324A,S324B,S325,S325A.

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