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TSP/PCD for coal, oil drill bits

TSP/PCD for coal, oil drill bits
Model: TSP
Brand Name: Worldia
Function: use for manufacturing petroleum
Materials: geological drill bits
Type: diamond processing and machining tools
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
Product Details
high heat resiatance and high thermal stability
high precision
long service life
high efficiency
thermally stable up to 1200

Polycrystalline Diamond is a diamond combo produced by diamond sintered with bond under high temperature and high pressure; it has very high wearability and high thermal stability.

The polycrystalline diamonds in clude TSP Swries for drilling bits and PCD series for genuine diamond polished.

TSP is an unbacked polycrystalline diamond product, which is manufactured by the same ultra-high pressure and high temperature techniques as other PCD products. It is thermally stable up to 1200℃, for it's binder is chemically insert and has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion like that of diamond. It is suitable for mining bits and oil drilling bits.

PCD Series has lower wearability than TSP Series. Compared to genuine diamond, it not only has much high grinding efficiency, but the price is much lower.

Widely used in manufacturing petroleum, geological drill bits, diamond processing and machining tools.


Rectangle' 1.5X15X5 mm

Triangle 4*4*4

Thickness 3 mm

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