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  • High Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel The high penetration diamond scribing wheel has a sharp cutting edge and precise cutting angle. The diamond scribing wheel can cut glasses with vertical and smooth sections and it will not cause chips of glass during cutting process.
    The denticles are distributed regularly and equally...
  • PCD Diamond Scribing WheelThe friction coefficient between the wheel and the holders is very small so the holders can be protected from friction.
    The PCD diamond scribing wheel is used in high end LCD production lines, LCD panels, substrate glass, and glass tube of touch screens...
  • Carbide Cutter AxleThe carbide cutter axle uses high quality tungsten alloy made by Sumitomo and their specially made hard material.
    The carbide cutter axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications to be used to cut glasses.
  • Glass Cutter Holder Long service life. Thanks to the strong suitability of the scribing wheel and the holder, the friction between them is small so the attrition of them can be reduced. This prolongs the service life of the scribing wheel and the glass cutter holder.
    Our precision glass cutter holder has different specifications. The precision holder is suitable for glass...
  • Diamond Glass Cutter With humanized and scientific design, our diamond glass cutter can be oiled without leakage and can cut glasses smoothly with good cutting quality.
    The diamond glass cutter is used on materials with different thickness, such as common glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors....
  • Nikken Glass PliersThe Nikken glass pliers has a unique humanized design and adjustable gasket. It can easily break different kinds of glasses with thickness ranging from 10mm to 15mm.
    The Nikken glass pliers are used to break different kinds of glass with their thickness ranging from 10mm to 15mm....
  • PCD/PCBN Boring CutterThe PCD boring cutter applies to different materials including copper, aluminum, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tungsten carbide and nonmetal materials. It can be used in the boring and precision processing of various products with different specifications, such as the processing of cast aluminum alloy pistons.
    The PCBN boring cutter is used to bore and precisely ...
  • PCD Stone Granite Marble Engraving ToolThe milling bedplate cutter can mill the groove at the bottom of the engraving picture. The milling cutter features fast processing speed and high work efficiency. You can choose milling bedplate cutters of different sizes according to the size of the processing surface. The recommended engraving depth of the milling cutter is 2mm.
  • PCD Boring Cutter It can realize high speed cutting and hard material cutting.
    With the features of high abrasive resistance and thermal conductivity, the PCD boring cutter has a long service life. Its service life is 10 to 20 times that of hard alloy boring cutter.
    The PCD boring cutter is used to process hard alloy roller of various specifications...
  • Carbide Boring CutterThe carbide boring cutter features high processing precision.
    Our carbide boring cutter has a longer service life than the average hard alloy boring cutter.
    The carbide boring cutter is used to process hard alloy roller of various specifications.
  • PCBN Inserts, Cutting Tool HolderApart from ISO PCBN insert and solid PCBN insert, we develop PCBN insert of various specifications with high processing precision and a long service life.
    The design of cone shape or V shape bottom can facilitate the clamping of blade. It can guarantee the clamping precision and stability of the insert and tool holder.
  • Diamond DrillAs PCD blanks feature high hardness, high abrasive resistance, high thermal conductivity and strong toughness, the diamond drill has advantages over the average hard alloy drill and coating drill with its high processing precision and high work efficiency.
    The diamond drill can realize high speed drilling and hard material drilling...
  • Aluminum-Alloy Carbide Saw Blade, Non-Ferrous Metal Carbide Saw BladeThis non-ferrous metal carbide saw blade is designed with imported PCD saw tooth and optimized tooth geometry. Our aluminum-alloy carbide saw blade features of imported high quality alloy tool steel body. Combined with both design and production process of aluminum-alloy carbide saw blade from Japan and Germany to guarantee consistence and tool life of products...
  • PCD Blank1. The hardness of PCD reaches 8000HV, which is 80 to 120 times that of tungsten carbide.
    2. The thermal conductivity of PCD is 1.5 to 9 times that of tungsten carbide, and it is even higher than that of PCBN and copper. Its thermal conductivity is 700W/mK. The PCD blank can transfer heat fast.
  • PCBN Blank1. The hardness of PCBN blank is 3,000HV to 5,000HV. The abrasive resistance of PCBN cutting tool is 50 times that of hard alloy cutting tool, 30 times that of coating hard alloy cutting tool and 25 times that of ceramic cutting tool.
    2. The heat resistance of PCBN cutting tool can reach 1400 to 1500℃.
  • PDC Cutter1. High quality materials are sintered to form the diamond layer which is of rigid framework structure. The PDC cutter features compact structure and good abrasive resistance.
    2. The PDC cutter uses hard alloy material which has good impact resistance and the diamond layer can guarantee the toughness of the impact resistance.
  • Glass Cutting MachineThe Supower glass cutting machine is equipped with high quality diamond scribing wheels. Compared with the average glass cutting machine, the Supower glass cutting machine has the advantages of high precision and good cutting quality. With humanized design, the Supower glass cutting machine is easy to operate.
  • Scribing Wheel Rework ServiceWith high precision testing equipment and unique testing technology, we can scientifically judge the recycle value of the scribing wheel. In this way, the blindness of the rework can be avoided.
    Generally speaking, the service life of the reworked scribing wheel can reach 80 percent that of the original one.
  • PCD/PCBN Cutting Tool Rework ServiceThe PCD/PCBN cutting tool rework service features high precision and reasonable price.
    With high precision testing equipment and unique testing technology, we can scientifically judge the recycle value of the cutting tools. In this way, the blindness of the rework can be avoided.
    Generally speaking, the service life of the reworked PCD/PCBN...
  • Diamond Cutting Tool OEM/ODM ServiceWith strong designing and manufacturing capability, Worldia can provide a set of solutions to the problems of the cutting tool according to the needs of our customers. Worldia offers OEM/ODM service of diamond cutting tool for various industries, including carbon processing, auto parts processing, stone processing, roller processing, bearing and special composite material processing...
  • PCD Insert (for Wind Turbine Blades)PCD(Poly Crystal Diamond) refers to diamond particles which have been sintered together with a binder phase under high pressure, high temperature conditions similar to those used in single crystal diamond synthesis. These sintered PCD materials have a variety of uses, most notably for cutting tools, machining non-ferrous metals, non-metallic materials and wear parts.