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Glass Cutting Machine

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Glass Cutting Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The Supower glass cutting machine is equipped with high quality diamond scribing wheels. Compared with the average glass cutting machine, the Supower glass cutting machine has the advantages of high precision and good cutting quality. With humanized design, the Supower glass cutting machine is easy to operate. Workers only need to be trained for an hour and then they can proficiently operate the machine. The machine can save the training time and help many factories with the problem of inadequate processing capability.

Our glass cutting machine is used to cut various glasses with the thickness of 0.1mm to 2.0mm, such as LCD substrate, panel glass, optical windows, touch screens, glass slides, solar energy glass and decorative mirrors.

Technical Specifications
Specification of Glass Cutting Machine
Items Parameters
Dimension 950×750×450mm
Desktop Size 380×180mm
Desktop Height 680mm
Thickness Range of Applicable Glass 0.1-2mm
Minimum Scribing Size 18×18mm
Distance Error of Scribing Line ±0.05mm
Orthogonality Deviation of Scribing Line ±0.02/400mm
Number of Scribing Heads 20 sets (Standard Configuration)
Gross Weight 200KG
Net Weight 150KG
Notes 1. Desktop size can be decided by customers
2. The machine must work with air compressor (0.2-1.0MPa, 0.75-1.5KW)

Supower glass cutting machine uses diamond scribing wheels and a stainless steel work table.

The glass cutting machine is packed in a wooden box.

We offer 12 hours of on line service.

Worldia is a specialized glass cutting machine manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including diamond die blank, PCD saw blade, PCBN inserts, PCD boring cutter, and more.