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TCT Saw Blade Universal Type

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  • TCT Saw Blade (Universal Type)

Worldia universal TCT saw blade is used for cutting acrylic thin plates, aluminum sections, laminate wood floor, high density board and photo frames. It also can be applied to cut acrylic thick plate, density board, aggrandizement wood floor, MDF laminate flooring, aluminum alloy, non- ferrous metal, and so on.

1. Carbide saw blade for acrylic, wood floor, aluminium alloy, etc
2. High quality steel cutting blade
3. Hard alloy tooth and steel body
4. High quality alloy tool steel body
5. Use for acrylic thickness plate, density board, aggrandizement wood floor, etc.
6. Most competitive price
7. Long service life

Features and Benefits
1. An ideal combination of Ceratizit carbide teeth and top quality tool steel body
2. This TCT cutting tool is produced by un-rivaled technologies and fully automatic machinery.
3. Excellent sharpness and precision, ultra-long tool life
4. Imported high quality alloy tool steel body
5. Unique processing technique
6. Optimized teeth pattern
7. Combined with both design and production process of saw blades from Japan and Germany to guarantee consistence and tool life of products.

Universal Type TCT Saw Blades
Item Diameter Kerf Bore (d) Qty of Teeth (P)
1 203 1.7 25 80
2 255 1.8 25 100
3 255 2.6 25.4 100
4 305 2.6 30 120

Worldia universal type TCT saw blade is made from top quality carbon tool steel body and Ceratizit carbide teeth..

Our universal TCT saw blade can be packed with wood box.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

OEM/ODM Service
We can customize TCT saw blade according to customers’ requirements.

As a specialized diamond/TCT saw blade manufacturer and supplier in China, Worldia are devoted to be the leading company in area of saw blade manufacturing. We are committed to provide our customers with cost effective, high performance and high standard TCT saw blades.

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