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Diamond Saw Blade for Acrylic

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  • Diamond Saw Blade (for Acrylic)

Diamond saw blade is used for cutting acrylic plate, PVC board, clubbed acrylic, etc.

Adopts state-of-art technologies, optimized edge design, top grade diamond materials and fully automatic equipment, Worldia Diamond Saw Blade for Acrylic have advantages as follows
1. With optimized cutting edge design, our diamond saw blade is produced by fully automatic production line.
2. Top grade PCD tool tips are imported from Element Six Company with premium quality tool steel.
3. Excellent sharpness and precision, ultra-long service life.

Diamond saw teeth employ imported top grade PCD materials. The saw blade body is made of premium quality carbon tool steel.

PCD Saw Blades for Acrylic
Item Diameter Kerf Bore (d) Qty of Teeth (P)
1 203 2.2 25.4 72
2 255 2.6 30 84
3 305 3.0 25.4 96
4 305 3.0 25.4 96
5 350 3.0 30 96

Our Diamond saw blade for acrylic can be packed with wood case.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

OEM/ODM Service
We can customize diamond saw blade as you wish, and laser markings as required. Our business partners are all over the world including some cutting tool industry giants.

As a specialized diamond saw blade manufacturer and supplier in China, Worldia are devoted to be the leading company in area of diamond saw blade manufacturing, and we are committed to provide our customers with cost effective, high performance and high standard diamond saw blades.
We are willing to work together with friends from all walks to promote the development of diamond saw blades industry, and also welcome global agents to join us.

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