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PCBN Blank

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PCBN Blank

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The hardness of PCBN blank is 3,000HV to 5,000HV. The abrasive resistance of PCBN cutting tool is 50 times that of hard alloy cutting tool, 30 times that of coating hard alloy cutting tool and 25 times that of ceramic cutting tool.
2. The heat resistance of PCBN cutting tool can reach 1400 to 1500℃.
3. With high oxidation resistance, PCBN blank will not be oxidized under the temperature of 1000℃. Even under 1200 to 1300℃, PCBN cutting tool will not react to iron series material.
4. Its thermal conductivity is lower than diamond but it is higher than tungsten carbide.
5. The friction coefficient of PCBN blank is 0.1 to 0.3, while that of tungsten carbide is 0.4 to 0.6.

Features of PCBN Blank
The PCBN blank has the advantages of high hardness, high thermo stability, high chemical stability, good strength and good weld ability. The PCBN cutting tool can realize high speed cutting, hard material cutting and dry cutting. It can precisely process the products and replace grinding with turning. The PCBN cutting tool meets the requirements of environmental protection.
Our PCBN blank is manufactured by world famous companies such as Element Six (DeBeers), DI (GE), ILJIN, SMITH, SUMITOMO and TOMEI. We also offer laser engraving service of PCBN blank.

The PCBN blank applies to various ferrous metals, such as cast iron, nodular cast iron, pearlite cast iron, hardened steel, bearing steel, tungsten carbide, roller, and sintered alloy.

Technical Specifications
Specification of PCD Blank (Discs)
Company Model Dimension (mm) Diameter • Thickness Grain Size (μm) PCD Layer Thickness (mm)
Element Six (E6) CTB002 ¢74x1.6/2.0/3.18 2μm 0.3/0.5/0.7
CTB010 ¢74x1.6/2.0/3.18 10μm 0.3/0.5/0.7/1.0
CTH025 ¢74x1.6/2.0/3.18 25μm 0.5
CTM302 ¢74x1.6/2.0/3.18 30μm+2μm 0.5/0.7/1.5
SUMITOMO DA90 ¢64x1.6/2.0/3.18 50μm 0.5
DA150 ¢64x1.6/2.0/3.18 5μm 0.5
DA200 ¢64x1.6/2.0/3.18 0.5μm 0.5
DA2200 ¢64x1.6/2.0/3.18 0.5μm 0.5
GE (DI) GE1600 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 4μm 0.5
GE1300 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 5μm 0.5
GE1500 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 25μm 0.5
GE1800 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 25μm+4μm 0.5
SMITH M10 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 10μm 0.5
AMX ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 9μm 0.5
F05 ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 5μm 0.5
C30X ¢58x1.6/2.0/3.18 30μm 0.5
ILJIN CC ¢60x1.6/2.0/3.18 25μm 0.5
CM ¢60x1.6/2.0/3.18 10μm 0.5
CF ¢60x1.6/2.0/3.18 4μm 0.5
CXL ¢60x1.6/2.0/3.18 25μm 0.5

Our PCBN blank uses CBN powder and tungsten carbide.

The PCBN blank is packaged in a plastic case.

We are a specialized PCBN blank manufacturer based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including glass cutting machine, tungsten carbide supported diamond die blanks, high penetration diamond scribing wheel, and much more.