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Normal Diamond Scribing Wheel

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  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

The normal diamond scribing wheel is used in high end LCD production lines, LCD panels, substrate glass, and glass tube, touch screens, especially for high bending requirement for glass.

As a glass cutting tool, the diamond scribing wheel is the primary factor to decide the cutting quality of the glass. Worldia diamond scribing wheel adopts unique high precision processing technology, and the cutting edges of the scribing wheel are polished.
Normal diamond scribing wheels are made of carbide and diamond, the cutting edge is shaper than that of imported carbide scribing wheels with fewer teeth, which will not slide.

Features of Normal Diamond Scribing Wheels:
1. Strong abrasive resistance.
2. Long service life.
3. Sharp cutting edge and precise cutting angle. The scribing wheel can cut glass with vertical and smooth sections and will not cause chips of glass during cutting process.
4. The friction coefficient between the wheel and the holders is very small, so the holders can be protected from friction.
5. Smooth cutting and flawless cutting lines.
6. The normal diamond scribing wheel can cut the ITO conducting film and the glass at the same time when cutting touch screens. It also can be used to cut touch screen that is made of tempered glass.

OD (mm) θ ( ° ) TH ( mm ) ID ( mm )
2.00~2.5 100 ~ 155 0.65 0.80

Normal diamond scribing wheel is made of top grade imported PCD materials and carbide.

Our diamond scribing wheel can be packed with WORLDIA standard packaging.

Quality Control:
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.


Worldia is the exclusive manufacturer of Chinese high-end diamond scribing wheels in China.
From the R&D to manufacture, we attach great importance to every link and details for accurate, precise production and perfection, we are devoted to the best perfect cutting quality.

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