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  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

Worldia micro-penetration diamond scribing wheel is used for cutting:
1. TFT-LCD, AMOLED touch panel (such as TV), glass thickness: 0.4-0.7mm
2. TFT-LCD, AMOLED touch panel (such as smartphone, Pad), glass thickness: 0.15-0.25mm
3. Substrate glass (mother glass), glass thickness: 0.15-1.1mm
4. Cover glass, glass thickness: 0.4-1.1mm

As a tool for glass cutting, the diamond scribing wheel is the primary factor to decide the cutting quality of the glass. Worldia micro penetration diamond scribing wheel features stable function, sharp cutting edge, precise cutting angle, and precise roundness and thickness of the bore. These features guarantee the excellent cutting quality.

Micro-penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel:
Smaller cutting edge is good for doming process with depth of teeth less than 4um, which can meet the requirement of high penetration and compressive strength.
The micro-penetration diamond scribing wheel has higher compressive strength than high-penetration diamond scribing wheel, and it features of smooth scribing section, fine scribing line and few particles, but it needs to break after scribing.

Features of Diamond Scribing Wheel:
1. For large size glass panel, (glass thickness: 0.4~0.7mm)
Fine scribing line, with breaking, smooth scribing section, high compressive strength, and few dust particles.
2. For small and medium size glass panel, (glass thickness: 0.15~0.25mm)
Fine scribing line, without breaking, smooth scribing section, and few dust particles.
3. For substrate glass,
Super cutting edge, with or without breaking, smooth scribing section and few dust particles.
4. For cover glass, (glass thickness: 0.15~1.1mm)
Fine scribing lines, less chipping of scribing line, the time of breaking can be controlled, and smooth scribing section.

For TFT-LCD, AMOLED touch panel, glass thickness: 0.4—0.7mm
OD (mm) θ ( ° ) TH ( mm ) ID ( mm ) Qty of Teeth Depth of Teeth
2.00 105 ~ 125 0.65 0.80 200---300 6---8 um
2.50 110 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---360 8---10 um
3.00 110 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---400 8---10 um
For TFT-LCD, AMOLED touch panel, glass thickness: 0.15—0.25mm
OD (mm) θ ( ° ) TH ( mm ) ID ( mm ) Qty of Teeth Depth of Teeth
2.00 95 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---410 3---6 um
2.50 100 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---360 6---10 um
3.00 105 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---400 7---10 um
For substrate glass(mother glass), glass thickness:0.15---1.1mm
OD (mm) θ ( ° ) TH ( mm ) ID ( mm ) Qty of Teeth Depth of Teeth
2.00/3.00 110 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---410 3---10 um
For cover glass, glass thickness: 0.4---1.1mm
OD (mm) θ ( ° ) TH ( mm ) ID ( mm ) Qty of Teeth Depth of Teeth
2.00/3.00 120 ~ 130 0.65 0.80 200---410 3---5 um

Super-micro penetration diamond scribing wheel uses top grade imported PCD materials.

Our diamond glass scribing wheel can be packed with WORLDIA standard packaging.

Quality Control:
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our glass cutting tools and processing services.


Worldia is the exclusive manufacturer of Chinese high-end diamond scribing wheels in China.
From the R&D to manufacture, we attach great importance to every link and details for accurate, precise production and perfection, we are devoted to the best cutting quality.

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