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PCD Polishing Cutter for Acrylic

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The PCD polishing cutter is applied to the surface polishing, especially for acrylic products, and some aluminum alloy products.

PCD acrylic polishing cutter makes use of the precision cutting of acrylic surface to reach the mirror effect, the transmittance of the workpiece can reach the effect after surface polishing treatment, while eliminating the traditional polishing process. The workpiece after diamond polishing which is transparent, bright and clean, with straight line, and no dust, low noise, also low loss. This diamond cutting tool is suitable for polishing high-end acrylic products and crystal ware.

1. The PCD polishing cutter for acrylic features of high processing precision, good abrasive resistance and long service life.
2. Compared with traditional process, it can reduce the process and short the time.
3. No dust pollution, low-noise, low loss when processing.
4. The machining precision of workpiece and mirror finish effect are guaranteed, Ra≤0.01um.
5. The products processed by the PCD polishing cutter are highly polished and without burr and white edge.

Technician Specifications
Drawing of PCD polishing cutter for acrylic Dimension (mm)
Items L H W L
Finishing cutter 34 12 6 1.2
Roughing cutter 34 12 6 6

The tool bit of the PCD polishing cutter for acrylic uses premium PCD blanks manufactured by world famous companies.
The body part uses high quality tungsten carbide and tool steel.

Our PCD polishing cutter can be packed with plastic case.

Quality Control:
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

OEM/ODM Service:
Welcome to send us drawings to make samples, we will guarantee the quality at the premise of the fastest design time, and provide the complete service.

We are a professional PCD cutting tool for acrylic manufacturer based in China. We also offer a vast range of products that including PCD insert, PCBN inserts, PCD reamers, CVD diamond tools, diamond die blanks, diamond scribing wheels, diamond saw blades, and more.

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