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Power PCD Saw Blade

  •  Power PCD Saw Blade

Combined with both design and production process of power PCD saw blade from Japan and Germany, and adopts imported high quality alloy tool steel body, the PCD saw blade can be guaranteed consistence and tool life of products. Our power PCD saw blade is applied for fibrous, density board, MDF, plaster.

Technical Specifications of Power PCD Saw Blade
Item Specification (OD*T1*T2*ID*P) Tooth Type
D100-5P-001 100*2.0*1.6*20*5 P-8
D100-6P-001 100*2.081.6*20*6 P-8
D110-5P-001 11082.0*1.6*20*5 P-8
D110-8P-001 110*2.0*1.6*20*8 P-8
D190-5P-001 190*2.2*1.6*25.4*5 P-10
D190-6P-001 190*2.2*1.6*25.4*6 P-10
D190-8P-001 190*2.2*1.6*25.4*8 P-10
D190-12P-001 190*2.2*1.6*25.4*12 P-10
D190-16P-001 190*2.2*1.6*25.4*16 P-10

Our power PCD saw blade can be packaged in plastic case, carton, and wooden box.

Worldia is a specialized PCD saw blade manufacturer based in China. Our company provides tungsten carbide supported diamond die blanks, Self-Supported diamond die blanks, diamond die, and much more. In addition, glass cutting tools and PCD/PCBN cutting tools are also available.

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