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PCD Engraving Cutter for Stone

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The PCD engraving cutter is used to engrave pictures or characters on granite, marble and ceramic, specially engrave word in various kind of stone material, the size of character can be controlled in 3-8mm, the depth can reach 1-3.5mm, with a high efficiency and long service life.

Features of PCD Engraving Cutter for Stone
1. The PCD cutter is used to engrave characters with smooth edges.
2. The size of the engraving characters ranges from 3cm to 8cm
3. Fast engraving speed and long service life
4. Its maximum engraving depth can reach 4mm.

Technical Parameters
Standard Drawing Specifications Remarks
XK-PD-103-Φ6*40*30*35 Particularly engrave words in various kinds of stone material. The size of the characters can be controlled in 3-8mm. The depth can reach 1-3.5mm. High efficiency and long service life.

The tool bit of the PCD engraving cutter for granite marble uses premium PCD blanks. The cutter arbor uses high quality alloy tool steel.

The PCD engraving cutter can be packed with plastic box.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

ODM/OEM Service
We can manufacture various specifications of PCD engraving cutters according to the customer requirements.

We are a professional PCD Cutting Inserts for stone manufacturer in China. We also offer PCD/PCBN cutting tools, PCD Inserts, diamond glass cutting tools, diamond die blanks, CVD diamond tool, and much more.

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