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PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

  • PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert

PCD/PCBN grooving insert is applied to process cast iron, copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, steel, etc. Worldia provides perfect grooving and cutting solution for the customers.

Features of PCD/PCBN Grooving Insert:
1. High hardness, good heat resistance and wear resistance, as well as long service life.
2. High production efficiency with continuous processing.
3. High surface roughness.
4. High machining accuracy ensures the excellent quality of workpiece.

Standard PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool

Worldia Grooving Inserts PCD Material PCBN Material
No. Type W T Γ PD302 PD305 PD205 PN210 PN208 PN208 PN209 PN404 PN306
1 GTISR-W300T500R020P00 3 5 0.2 0
2 GTISL-W450T500R040P00 4.5 5 0.4 5
3 GTICR-R150T500P00 1.5 5 0
4 GTICL-R300T500P05 3 5 5
5 GTIRR-W140T400R020 1.4 2 0.2
6 GTIRL-W225T500R020 2.25 3 0.2
7 GTIEL-W300T700R020 3 7 0.2
8 GTIOR-W150T700R020P00 1.5 7 0.2 0
9 GTIOL-W300T850R020P05 3 8.5 0.2 5
Grooving Turing Insert Standard Inserts Contour Cutting Inserts Specialized Groove Cut-off Inserts Assemble with right-hand/left-hand tool arbor
W300 (W) T500 (T) R040 (Rε) P00 (Γ) E
Main cutting edge width 3.0 Max. cutting depth 4.0 Blade nose radius angle 0.4 Rake angle 0° End face ring groove

The tool bit of the grooving insert is made of premium PCBN or PCD blanks. The tool body is made of high quality hard alloy material.

The PCD/PCBN grooving insert can be packed with plastic box.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

Custom Service
We can manufacture the PCD/PCBN grooving inserts in various specifications according to the customer requirements.

As a specialized PCD/PCBN grooving inserts manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide PCBN inserts, PCD diamond scribing wheel, diamond die blanks, and more.

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