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PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool

  • PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool

Features of PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool
1. The service life of PCD/PCBN external grooving tool is 10 to 15 times that of the average tungsten carbide grooving tool and coating grooving tool.
2. Our PCD/PCBN external grooving tool features small vibration of the blade. It can also avoid the easy breaking of the set screw and the trouble of repeatedly adjusting the tip.
3. Its processing precision can reach 3 micrometers.
4. We can manufacture PCD/PCBN external grooving tool of various specifications according to the need of our customers.

The PCD external grooving tool is used to groove and cut various materials including copper, aluminum, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, tungsten carbide and nonmetal work pieces such as composite material.
The PCBN external grooving tool is used to groove and cut hardened steel, hard cast iron, grey cast iron and iron series metal work pieces.

Technical Specifications of PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tool
Drawings of the PCD/PCBN External Grooving Tools Dimension (mm)
W1 H1 H W/D L d L1 f R
3 10 20 20 120 10 30 8 0.4
3 10 20 20 120 10 30 8 0.4
3 7 14 D14 120 16 30 11 0.4
3 10 20 D12 120 16 30 11 0.4

The tool bit of the external grooving tools uses PCBN or PCD blanks manufactured by world famous companies including Element Six (DeBeers, E6), DI (GE), ILJIN, SMITH, SUMITOMO and TOMEI. The cutter arbor uses high quality tungsten carbide and tool steel.

Our company is a PCD/PCBN external grooving tool manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from PCD/PCBN cutting tool, we also provide glass cutting tool, PCD saw blade, diamond die blanks, and more.

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