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1. Full face PCD insert has high wear resistance and good toughness, as well as long service life.
2. High speed precision machining can greatly improve the surface roughness of the workpiece.
3. Uses lathe to replace the grinding machine, this diamond cutting tool comes with 5~10 times to improve the processing efficiency.
4. PCD artificial polycrystalline diamond materials are adopted to ensure the product quality.

PCD insert bit adopts high quality PCD diamond material, its primary structure is made of hard alloy material.

This PCD insert is used for machining aluminum, Al-alloy, Cu-alloy, non-metal material and woodworking material, such as ceramic, mechanical carbon, glass fiber, laminated floor, melamine reinforced plastic, MDF and so on.

Worldia full face PCD inserts use plastic case for packing.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

OEM/ODM Service
We can customize the full face PCD inserts and laser marking according to customers’ requirements. Our business partners are all over the world including some cutting tool industry giants.
As a specialized PCD inserts manufacturer and supplier in China, World provides a wide range of products including PCBN inserts, diamond engraving tool, diamond saw blade, diamond scribing wheel, and much more.

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