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Scribing Wheel Rework Service

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Scribing Wheel Rework Service

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Worldia offers rework service of diamond scribing wheel, Penett scribing wheel and hard tungsten carbide scribing wheel.

Features of Scribing Wheel Rework Service
1. The scribing wheel rework service features high precision.
2. With high precision testing equipment and unique testing technology, we can scientifically judge the recycle value of the scribing wheel. In this way, the blindness of the rework can be avoided.
3. Generally speaking, the service life of the reworked scribing wheel can reach 80 percent that of the original one.
4. Our scribing wheel rework service is offered at a reasonable price.

As a China-based scribing wheel rework service provider, we also offer PCD/PCBN cutting tool rework service, diamond cutting tool OEM/ODM service, and more. In addition, glass cutting tools, diamond die blanks and CVD diamond tools are also available.