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PDC Cutter Processing Service

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  • PDC Cutter Processing Service

Features of PDC Cutter Processing Service
1. Thanks to the unique laser cutting and grinding technology, the PCD layer will not be damaged by stress during processing.

2. The C-scanner uses a high precision nondestructive test. It is used to test the combination firmness of the PCD layer and the tungsten carbide layer, the internal structure of the PCD and the thickness of the PCD layer.

3. We can process 2000 to 3000 pieces of Φ19 PCD blank every week. Our capacity can be increased according to market demand.

The PDC cutter is used on the drilling bits for oil, gas and coal.

Technical Specifications
Typical Parameters of PDC Cutter
Available Size Diameter(mm) Overall Thickness (mm) Thickness of PCD Layer (mm) Chamfer of PCD (mm) Chamfer of Carbide (mm)
0808 8.2±0.03 8.0±0.1 2.0±0.02 0.31±0.08×45。 0.31± 0.08×45。
1308 13.4±0.03 8.0±0.1
1313 13.4±0.03 13.2±0.1
1608 15.9±0.05 8.0±0.1
1613 15.9±0.05 13.2±0.1
1908 19.1±0.05 8.0±0.1
1913 19.1±0.05 13.2±0.1
1916 19.1±0.05 16.0±0.1
Note: Special type and size can be customized

The material is high quality diamond micro powder and tungsten carbide.

For packaging we use a plastic case/carton.

Worldia is a PDC cutter processing service provider, based in China. In addition to processing services, we also offer diamond scribing wheel, PCD/PCBN cutting tool, CVD diamond tool, and more.

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