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PDC Cutter

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Polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC) comprise a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) top layer integrally sintered onto a tungsten carbide substrate. Based on comprehensive sourcing channels and state-of-art processing techniques, we offer a wide range of high quality PDC cutter for oil, gas and coal industries.

Features of PDC Cutters
1. High abrasive resistance. High quality materials are sintered to form the diamond layer which is of rigid framework structure. The PDC cutter features compact structure and good abrasive resistance.
2. Good impact resistance. The synthetic diamond cutter uses tungsten carbide material which has good impact resistance and the diamond layer can guarantee the toughness of the impact resistance.
3. Strong binding force. The junction plane of the diamond layer and the tungsten carbide layer uses a corrugated tooth design. The binding force can be increased and the impact of the plane residual stress on the PDC performance can be avoided.
4. Good self sharpening performance. The good organization microstructure of the diamond makes the diamond particle remain sharp all times.
5. Good thermal conductivity. The highest bearing temperature of this diamond tool can reach 700°C.

Available size Diameter(mm) Overall Thickness(mm) Thickness of PCD(mm) Chamfer of PCD(mm)
0808 8.2±0.03 8.0±0.1 2.0±0.02 0.31±0.08×45
1308 13.4±0.03 8.0±0.1
1313 13.4±0.03 13.2±0.1
1608 15.9±0.05 8.0±0.1
1613 15.9±0.05 13.2±0.1
1908 19.1±0.05 8.0±0.1
1913 19.1±0.05 13.2±0.1
1916 19.1±0.05 16.0±0.1
Note: Special type and size can be customized

Our PDC cutters use high quality PCD material and tungsten carbide substrate.

Our PDC cutting tool can be packed with standard packaging similar to the above sample pictures.

Quality Control
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

As a specialized PDC cutter supplier, Worldia are committed to provide our customers with cost effective, high performance and high standard PDC cutters for oil, gas, mine industry and so on.

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