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Glass Cutting Tools

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  • Diamond Scribing Wheel As a tool for glass cutting, the diamond scribing wheel is the primary factor to decide the cutting quality of the glass. The Worldia diamond scribing wheel features stable function, sharp cutting edge, precise cutting angle, and precise roundness and thickness of the bore. These features guarantee the excellent cutting quality. The Worldia diamond scribing wheel ...
  • Carbide Scribing WheelCarbide scribing wheel uses special tungsten alloy material. It is manufactured with unique high precision processing technology.
    The special tungsten alloy material, which is made by Osaka Nikken Dia Co., Ltd., can guarantee the cutting quality and service life of the carbide scribing wheel.
  • Diamond Cutter Axle The diamond cutter axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications.
    As a kind of high precision wear resistant part, the diamond cutter axle can be used in precision mechanical equipment including high precision bearings, high precision instruments and intelligent robots...
  • Carbide Cutter AxleThe carbide cutter axle uses high quality tungsten alloy made by Sumitomo and their specially made hard material.
    The carbide cutter axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications to be used to cut glasses.
  • Glass Cutter Holder Long service life. Thanks to the strong suitability of the scribing wheel and the holder, the friction between them is small so the attrition of them can be reduced. This prolongs the service life of the scribing wheel and the glass cutter holder.
    Our precision glass cutter holder has different specifications. The precision holder is suitable for glass...
  • Nikken Glass CutterWith specially made tungsten carbide material, the Nikken glass cutter has the advantages of good abrasive resistance, toughness and long service life.
    The Nikken glass cutter has a unique appearance and can be oiled without leakage. Our cutter also has unique grinding equipment and grinding technology...
  • Diamond Glass Cutter With humanized and scientific design, our diamond glass cutter can be oiled without leakage and can cut glasses smoothly with good cutting quality.
    The diamond glass cutter is used on materials with different thickness, such as common glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, and mirrors....
  • Diamond Cutter Wheel and Cutter HolderThe integration of the diamond cutter wheel and cutter holder can avoid their fit tolerance and the friction between them. The design can guarantee the simultaneous mechanical motion.
    The diamond cutter wheel and cutter holder can be used to cut LCD and substrate glass with the life service of 300,000 to 700,000 meters...
  • Nikken Glass PliersThe Nikken glass pliers has a unique humanized design and adjustable gasket. It can easily break different kinds of glasses with thickness ranging from 10mm to 15mm.
    The Nikken glass pliers are used to break different kinds of glass with their thickness ranging from 10mm to 15mm....

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