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Features of PCBN Cutting Tool:
The machining of hard metal materials requires significantly harder cutting materials. Super hard cubic boron nitride (cBN) is the hardest known material eligible for the machining of ferrous materials and other superhard materials.

Worldia Coated PCBN Insert:
WORLDIA coated PCBN inserts for hard turning utilize premium TiN/TiCN coating on a very tough type PCBN and cemented carbide substrate to drastically improve wear resistance and extend tool life.
Our tipped inserts shows excellent performance in both heavy interrupted and continuous hard cutting.
1. The coated PCBN inserts also can produce excellent surface finish when processing.
2. With advantage of hardness value, our coated PCBN inserts are able to withstand high temperatures when machining hardened steel.
3. Compared with uncoated cutting inserts, the coated PCBN insert has a longer life and much better cost performance.

Tool Tip: Premium PCBN blanks manufactured by world famous companies.
Substrate: High toughness tungsten carbide body
Coated layer: TiN/TiCN material

Finish turning and milling of hardened steel both through hardened and cast hardened.
Worldia coated PCBN insert is used in CNC type lathes where speed and feed are more consistent and where material hardness is above 50Rc.

Our coated PCBN inserts be packed with standard packing similar to above sample, and also various non-standard packing as request.

Quality Control:
We have dedicated team of quality control and precise equipment to keep good and stable performance for our products and processing services.

OMD/OEM Services:
We can tailor-made various types of coated PCBN inserts according to different requirements. Our business partners are all over the world including some cutting tool industry giants.

We are ready to work together with friends from different walks of life to promote the development of super hard cutting tool industry, and also global agents are welcomed.

As a specialized coated PCBN insert manufacturer and supplier in China, Worldia also provides a wide range of products including diamond saw blade, PCD wire drawing die, diamond scribing wheel, and much more.

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