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Glass Cutter Holder

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Glass Cutter Holder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The precision and applicability of the glass cutter holder can affect the cutting quality. To satisfy the need of various glass cutting machines. Worldia develops many different holders with excellent applicability, such as holders for LCD glass cutting machines, common glass cutting machines, glass tube cutting machines, and glass cutting machine and tile cutting machines.

Features of Glass Cutter Holder
1. High precision. The scribing wheel and the glass cutter holder are closely connected together to avoid the phenomena of wrong cutting line and to improve the cutting quality.
2. Strong applicability. The scribing wheel and the glass cutter holder are matched. We can manufacture the holder according to the needs of our customers.
3. Long service life. Thanks to the strong suitability of the scribing wheel and the holder, the friction between them is small so the attrition of them can be reduced. This prolongs the service life of the scribing wheel and the glass cutter holder.

Our precision glass cutter holder has different specifications. The precision holder is suitable for glass cutting machines manufactured by many famous companies, such as MDI, SHIRAI, JOYOU, BANDO and BOTTERO.

Technical Specifications of Glass Cutter Holder
Description Specification Matched Glass Cutting Machine
Precision Holders for LCD Cutting Machine XBR-14 23×14×7×0.67×0.8 MDI cutting machining
XBR-12 23×12×7×0.67×0.8
XBR-W-14 13×14×6×0.67×0.8
U Type Precision Holder XBR-6 18×5.3×7.8×1.0×1.4 Multi-knife precision glass cutting machine
U Type Standard Wheel Holder XBR-7 18×5.3×7.8×1.0×1.4 Standard multi-knife glass cutting machine
Abnormal Type Standard Holder XBR-8-A 18×5×7×1.0×1.4 Holders for abnormal type glass cutting machine
XBR-8-B 18×5×7×1.0×1.2
XBR-8-C 18×5×7×0.7×0.8
Straight Line Standard Holder XBR-9 31.5×18×8.8×0.96×1.4 Holders for straight line glass cutting machine

Our glass cutter holder is made with high quality stainless steel of SUS430 and SUS30, and the precision bearing of NACHI.

The glass cutter holder is packaged in a plastic case.

As a professional glass cutter holder manufacturer based in China, we offer a comprehensive range of products that includes diamond scribing wheel, CVD diamond tool, PCD/PCBN threading tool, and more.