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Carbide Cutter Axle

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Carbide Cutter Axle

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The carbide cutter axle uses high quality tungsten alloy made by Sumitomo and their specially made hard material.

1. The carbide cutter axle is suitable for diamond scribing wheels of different specifications to be used to cut glasses.
2. As a kind of high precision wear resistant part, the carbide cutter axle can be used in precision mechanical equipment including high precision bearings, high precision instruments and intelligent robots.

The carbide cutter axle is packaged in a plastic case.

Worldia is a carbide cutter axle manufacturer in China. We can offer carbide cutter axle, diamond scribing wheel, glass cutter holder, and Nikken glass pliers. In addition, PCD/PCBN cutting tools and CVD diamond tools are also available.